Dolores Rogers
Dolores Rogers, Actor, Voice Artist


Dolores Rogers, Actor, Voice Artist

I've played roles from Shakespeare to Simon, and voice animals, boys, girls as well as great-great-grandmothers.


My ten happy hens run into the coop when I crow like a rooster.  I talk to ravens and they call back to me.  I also have conversations with goats.


Some of my impressions include:

Dorothy, Glenda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch of the West, Toto, and various Munchkins.

Actor and Voice Artist

Dolores Rogers, Seattle Radio Theatre
Dolores Rogers, Bullshot, Actor
Dolores Rogers, Press, Actor
Dolores Rogers, Actor


Check in here for info on what's happening now and projects I've been working on recently.


Voice Over

A few of my voices

Feel free to contact me about voice work or request a quote by visiting my page at and tap the green "Request a Quote" button.


Check out a just a few of my past projects using the links below:

My page on IMDB

  • Reel

    Some of the acting work I've done.

  • Feature Script PITCH: Typhoid Mary

    This is a short excerpt from a feature script I wrote.

  • Daughter of Carnac

    Daughter of Carnac, strange mystic from the East.

  • Billy Blue Hair - What is Erosion

    One of the many videos I've voiced as Billy Blue Hair:

Dolores Rogers portrait
Dolores Rogers, Portrait, picture
Dolores Rogers, Seattle Radio Theatre, rehearsal

Seattle Radio Theatre - Check out and engage with us on  Seattle Radio Theatre's Facebook Page

I'm Billy Blue Hair!

A project I worked on with KIRO Radio

I was the the EMCEE for the Junior League of Seattle Gala & Auction.



I work with Dramatic Artists Agency. They can be reached at or call: (425) 220-1167.


If you would like to contact me directly please use the contact form below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Afterlife - Voice

AshAyre Productions


Whitefish - Waitress

Michael Eaton


My Cyrano - Rita

Vivian Uminoa

Soundtrack - Homeless Woman

Castle in the Air Productions


Sisterhood of Death - Psychic

Antony De Gennaro


Henryk - Gretchen

Jeff Stillwell 

Behind the Movie Screen - Olga

Colleen Patrick




Dolores Rogers, Movie, Film, Credits, Roles


The Fugitive - Lenora

Warner Bros. Alan J. Levi


Epic Heroes - Amphitrite / Oceana

Blue Forge Productions

The (206) - Mercer Island Woman (Season 3, Ep. 1)

Pat & Chris Cashman


My Olympics - Narrator

Phil Anderson, Tom Biernacki

KCTS - Announcer

Stephen Hegg


Dolores Rogers, TV, Television, Credits, Roles


The Odd Couple (female)

- Florence Unger

Edge of the World Theater


Lend Me a Tenor - Maggie

Renton Civic Theater - Alan Shearman


Rushdie - Assassin

Belltown Theater


Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii

- Vivian Bliss

Edge of the World Theater


Once in a Lifetime (twice)

- Helen Hobart

Theater Schmeater

Henry VI Part I - Lord Talbot Babes with the Bard


The Rainmaker - Lizzie

Edge of the World Theater


Fifth of July - Gwen

NW Asian American Theater


Barefoot in the Park - Corie

Edge of the World Theater


The Tempest - Miranda

Pilgrim Center for the Arts


Betty on the Windshield - Betty

Belltown Theater

Exit the Body - Crane

Edge of the World Theater


Bullshot Crummond - Rosemary Renton Civic Theater-Alan Shearman


Rehearsal for Murder - Monica

Edge of the World Theater


You know I Can’t Hear You …

- Muriel

Edge of the World Theater


Lovers and Other Strangers

- Susan

Edge of the World Theater




Dolores Rogers, Theatre, Theater, Credits, Roles


Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

- Bowser Jr.



Mario Golf - Bowser Jr.



Hoyle Talking Facemaker

- Voice Two



Super Mario Sunshine

- Bowser Jr., Pianta



Casino Empire - Showgirl, Bimbo



Car Toys (6 spots) - Customer

Car Toys


Miracle on 34 Street (’11)

-  Mother, Daughter, Nurse

Seattle Radio Theatre


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (’11)

- Jean, Kid, Bartender’s girlfriend

Seattle Radio Theatre


Eagle Hardware - Singer


Aion - Runa, Brynhilde, Namiel NCsoft


MOHAI - Caroline Leighton, Catharine Blaine

Andrea Weatherhead


The Man Who Came to Dinner (‘14) - Maggie

Seattle Radio Theatre


The Bishop’s Wife (‘14) - Matilda, Debby

Seattle Radio Theatre


Perkins Coie - Phone system Perkins Coie


Perkins Coie - Product Packaging

Perkins Coie


Top Foods - Rainier Cherries Haggen


Backyard Baseball 2007 - Derek Jeter, Eric Chavez



Mario Tennis GC - Bowser Jr .



It’s a Wonderful Life ('02,'05,'09,‘13) Mrs.Bailey, Young George, others

Seattle Radio Theatre

A Green and White Christmas (’10)

- Jake

Seattle Radio Theatre


I’ll Be Seeing You (’12) - Aunt Sarah, Girl, Jane- Lux Commercial

Seattle Radio Theatre


Backyard Basketball - Ernie, Angela, Gretchen, Kimmy

Humongous Entertainment


Power to Create/Tune Buddies

- Announcer

Warner Brothers


Pit Tagging Best Practices - Announcer

Media Arts


Billy Blue Hair - Billy (ongoing) Kayo Media


Backyard Baseball 2001 - Vinnie the Gooch

Humongous Entertainment


Junior Sports Network - Various voices

Humongous Entertainment


Visual Voices - Various Voices

Performed with Ginny Tyler


Nordstrom - Announcer

Sadis & Vaughn

Dolores Rogers, Voiced, Voices, Voice Over Credits, Roles






Member and Vice President of Seattle Radio Theatre.


BA Creative Arts/Theater:

San Jose State University: Villa Montalvo Center for the Performing Arts, Valley Institute of

Theater Arts, California Young People’s Theater.


Shakespeare: Joseph Glasner, Robert Mooney, Valerie Mamches.


Monologue Master Class: Sydney Walker.


On Camera: Ken Grantham, Colleen Patrick, Jodi Rothfield, Steve Salamunovich.


Scene Study: Eliza Garrett-Simmons, Steven Black.


Singing: Karen Oleson, Jacinta Koreski.


Voice Over: Veronica Weikel, Joey Paul, Ginny Tyler.


SPECIAL SKILLS AND AWARDS: Great with dogs. Character and animal voices. Most dialects.


Writer: Typhoid Mary feature screenplay.


Hal Todd Award For Excellence in Acting


SJSU: Irene Ryan Nominee, Best Supporting Actress, Dorothy Coucher Finalist

for Oral Interpretation.


Dolores Rogers, Training, Special Skills, Awards





"Dolores Rogers is outstanding as Florence. She raises the art of crying to new heights with her squeaks, wails, moans, gasps, flails and pouts. Florence's quirks and annoying habits are way off the irritability scale and Rogers showcases them beautifully."

- The Everett Herald

"Rogers is outstanding as Vivien, an innocent ditz who's always smiling, blissfully unaware of the havoc she's wreaking."

The Everett Herald

"Current Edge favorite leading lady is Dolores Rogers, and the part of Crane Hammond maybe one of her best fits yet.  Crane has to be coldly professional, yet always open to a change of pace. Dolores adopts the role so successfully she never has a weak moment onstage."

KSER 90.7 "Behind the Mask"

"By far the real scene stealers were Dolores Rogers (Gwen Landis) and Scott Koh (John Landis) Bea Kiyohara (Sally Friedman); their energetic, perfectly timed performances gave the play emotional and comedic form, making for an excellent act two."

The International Examiner

"Dolores Rogers plays the ingenue Maggie Saunders with a combination of demure innocence and good-girl-gone-wild abandon that is both charming and funny."

The Seattle Times

"Dolores Rogers is impressive as the fiancée of the nervous groom, delivering her few lines in a startlingly moving way. Rogers and Ken King as a pair of elderly lovers are natural and adept".

- Seattle Times


"King and Rogers give the phrase "growing old gracefully" new meaning.  They mix the perfect amount of senility with occasional coherence, drifting thoughts and stubborn certainty and tender moments with icy glares. It's a wonderful finale 5 very funny performances."

- The Everett Herald

"Her eyes sparkle, her hair flows and with the twirling her step, this plane bud blossoms into a rose.  Rogers, in contrast to her usually glamorous rolls, charms the audience with her portrayal of the honest, endearing Lizzie. With her touch, Lizzie changes before our eyes, her countenance soaring as she discovers that she too is beautiful."

The Everett Herald


"Dolores Rogers as Lizzie and Andrew Zavada as Starbuck make this a tender, beautiful scene".

The Seattle Times


"Lizzie, played touchingly and with a broad range of emotion, from humour and pathos to anger, fear and, eventually, believable hope by Dolores Rogers."

The Edmonds Enterprise


"Dolores starts out showing us such limited grace on stage, we can instantly understand her character.  Early in her performance she's intentionally elaborate without beauty, then later we watch the inward beauty open.  Dolores manages the transformation with the success that deserves to be seen by many.  This performance must go into the books as one of her most magical.  All the lessons of giving people the trust they deserve and believing in your own dreams are brought to life by this talented performer. "

KSER 90.7 from "Behind the Mask"

The Odd Couple (female version):

Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii:

Exit the Body:

Fifth of July:

Lend Me a Tenor, directed by Alan Shearman:

Lovers and Other Strangers:

The Rainmaker: